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Cesar Andrew Carbajal. College Sophomore. 19. I'm gay. My blog consists of Lady Gaga. Funny Fails. Love. Random Shizz. I'm pushy, bossy, ambitious and outgoing. This is a peek at my mentality.
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Free Starbucks in Hollywood #IcedCoffee

Unbeknownst to many, I’ve always been a huge fan of the macabre #LA #wanderlust (at Museum of Death)


When I go to #Starbucks twice in the same day☕️

I don’t remember why we were laughing but I’m sure it was funny.

an example of my sense of humor #tbt

It’s doesn’t even have to do with being conceited. I just love getting my picture taken. I love being in front of the camera and showing it who I truly am inside whether it be a pretentious pose or something as subtle as looking at the menu of a restaurant. The camera, alongside the photographer, is my best friend #MuñozPhotography

My day doesn’t start until I get my coffee with my name misspelled.

new shades #school #Elac (at East Los Angeles College)




#tbt to the one of the most memorable nights of my life. Nothing beats seeing your favorite singer in concert with your best friend. I met so many amazing people. Gaga sounded so amazing life. I can’t believe we waited in line for 8 hours. #TheARTPOPBall (at Staples Center)

they told me I was underdressed at my second job🌚


Audrey and Audrey 2

Back in 2012 I did a quick sketch of Seymour. Here’s the sequel.

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