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Cesar Andrew Carbajal. College Sophomore. 19. I'm gay. My blog consists of Lady Gaga. Funny Fails. Love. Random Shizz. I'm pushy, bossy, ambitious and outgoing. This is a peek at my mentality.
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@katenash playing my favorite song about jealousy👀 (at The Roxy Theatre)

Today proved amazing!! Attended my first gig. Got onstage with the queen and witnessed a lesbian spill alcohol on my best Fran. @KateNash #InTheWombItsSafeAndWarm (at The Roxy Theatre)

GET READY GRRRL!! @katenash (at The Roxy Theatre)


i can’t believe i’m seeing lana del rey live in a little over a month, then just two days after i’ll be seeing gaga.  i don’t know how i’m going to survive may spoiler alert i’M NOT GOING TO.

Check out these fun details you probably missed when watching Finding Nemo!

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I literally cannot wait for Finding Dory because Ellen. 

These are pretty fucking awesome!!!

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Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go.
Lana del Rey (via 50shadesofnoway)
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